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Article Writing Tips

General Article Writing Tips

Title of Article should be enticing and it should contain keywords.
2.       OUTLINE:
You should make an outline according to the article so you fill it up with factual information rather than filling it up with fluff.
3.       HEADINGS:
-          Use headings to depict article structure
-          Headings also help to breakdown a Long topic into short multiple sub-topics.
4.       PARAGRAPHS:
-           Write short Paragraphs to enhance readability.
-            Single lined paragraphs should be used to “Emphasize”.
5.       IMAGES:
Make your writing interesting by displaying images relevant to the description
     Don’t write Long articles, people prefer short and to the point information. The standard size of                articles is 3000 words.
7.       TONE:
     It’s an important element of your article, you have to adopt a specific tone for the Content that you are writing e.g. For Blogs you give information in a friendly tone using casual language and for Web Content you will provide information in a professional tone using formal writing language.
8.       AUDIENCE :
 Your Audience comprises:
a.       Readers:
Readers are looking for information so give them exact information that they are looking for regarding the subject.
b.      Search Engines:
Search Engines have programs that crawl web content to index against keywords, so use a keyword analyzer tool to provide your client content that is just not rich in information but also Search Engine Optimized.
9.       PLAGIARISM:
Write articles in your own words, don’t violate copyrights of other content writer and claim his content as your own – don’t even think about it web is crawling with tools that detect plagiarism.
The Formatting of the article should be done such that it is easily readable. Formatting     includes Font, Font size, Color of font etc
11.   General Tips To Keep in Mind While Writing:
-          Avoid usage of first person, be neutral
-          Adopt summary style in writings
-          Use Common Sense while describing entities
-          Give critical attention to Punctuation.
-          Content should be factual rather than fluff to gain reader’s attention

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